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On Maui* August 16th - August 23rd 2017
Experience Tropical Life while Re-Connecting with Yourself within Magnificent Nature
By dipping into serenity this summer, you are rewiring your life, business, health and well-being for success...  Come to Create a Great foundation that's unbeatable to any of Life's shakes after attending your life-enhancing meditative adventure on Maui.
During the Eighth month for 8 days in 2017 with nature-guided trips from:
• Maui's top heart healers connecting with you in the rainforests
• Brain power specialists demoing meditations during sunset
•Yoga and Hula master-moves taught on the serene sea beaches
ALL aboard to guide you with new views on beautiful lands of Aloha
and return to the Mainland with more balance + higher harmony
and playing a BIGGER GAME .
In the planning of this all-inclusive package with discounts for:
air, hotel stay, transportation on-island, breakfast accommodations, island activities showcasing mindful excursions, and much more - We hope for this to aid you in pushing the planning off your to-do list and fulfill your escape-experience dreams with ease!  My name is Jessica and- along with our Retreat Guide, Malie- we create places for you to stay as BIG as possible and revive you from every-day stresses to thrive, as that should be the only way to live.

PLAY into success for 8 days!
We're offering a 33% OFF discount (that's $1400 in savings) until 7/15.